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We are proud to be a British Manufacturer, where only one quality is acceptable and that is top quality.

Our factory is regularly audited to ISO 9001 and quality inspected by the VCA. There is full batch identification and operator accountability. Batch numbers are attached to tested bars and printed on the box labels of all bars. Tolerances are much tighter than that allowed and probably tighter than those that the vehicle manufacturers employ for vehicle bodies.

All steel has to have test certificates and must come from a British supplier. All fasteners are high tensile grade 8.8 or above and are always zinc plated. We fit considerable quantities of towbars and feedback from this plus our many professional fitters ensures a healthy flow of information on any problems or improvements that can be made.

All Anker Towbars are guaranteed for the life time of the vehicle to which it was originally fitted. All bolts must be re-torqued after 500 towing miles and thereafter annually. 

All Anker towbars are designed and guaranteed for the maximum loads permitted for the vehicle as specified by the manufacturer of that vehicle. The fitting and use of an Anker towbar does not affect the vehicles manufacturers warranty in any way.

Full fitting instructions are supplied with every bar, including contents list, simple instructions, exploded diagram, a general fitting instruction guide and a telephone number should you have any questions. The coating of our towbars is generally a basic, black, immersion primer or powder coated. The guarantee for all coatings is 2 years from the date purchased. Please note that no guarantee can be made as to which coating will come on which towbar but this is generally always the basic primer.